Welcome to the Yes2 Kirkcaldy Hub Website

Yes Kirkcaldy is a group whose main purpose is to promote the many benefits of an independent Scotland, and encourage as many people as we can to vote for it when the time comes. The group itself is not affiliated to any particular political party, and neither are some of our members, other members are affiliated to various parties, but everyone is welcome, as long as they support the dream of an independent Scotland.

We have a Yes Hub where we sell merchandise, have meetings and speakers, and it’s also a great focal point where people can drop in for a blether, and we’re particularly keen to talk to people who are undecided, or have some reservations about independence.

Yes2 Kirkcaldy Hub

We are active in Kirkcaldy and the surrounding areas, with street stalls and leafleting, and we also facilitate transport which enables supporters to take part in independence marches and rallies, as well as other fun events.

Yes Kirkcaldy is run by an organizing group of seven, and we have around 250 people on our email contact list, who regularly support us in our endeavours. On this website you will find links to our Facebook page, our ebay shop, and our Twitter account.


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